As Brazilian families, as well as the ethnic formation of the Brazilian people, it is vast and diverse. Over the years, families have gone through several changes since their construction, nowadays as families don’t necessarily have a blood bond, just a bond of love and affection to be a family, regardless of how it was built. What really makes each family special is the love above all between its members. All families have their own way and each one of them is formed in a way and with characteristics different from the others. The formation of the family has changed…

My family is composed of me, wife and son, who live in the same house, in addition to my parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece, who live in a distant city, and my in-laws, brothers-in-law, wives and children, who live near us.

We maintain a very close affectionate relationship, always trying to help each other in whatever it takes, and we maintain daily communication through electronic devices. We try to get together for a big lunch on the commemorative dates of the national calendar, and on birthdays.

My parents visit us often to kill the longing, and we do the same…

Refeição em família

É normal encontrar na família brasileira união, força e muito amor. Mesmo com todas as desavenças, conseguimos nos perdoar, para que no final possamos viver juntos.

Cada família tem aquele membro que faz as melhores refeições, cada região tem sua comida típica, aqui no Rio o prato principal é a feijoada. Aqui em casa minha mãe é um espetáculo na hora da sobremesa com seus deliciosos bolos, habilidade que herdou da minha avó, que também é uma verdadeira exibicionista na cozinha. E não podemos esquecer o churrasco, aqui meu pai manda, mas meu avô não fica para trás.

# WhatareBrazilianFamiliesLike

Developed by Yuri dos Santos Wagner, a student from São João de Meriti — RJ.

After a brief period of reflection, I came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to define what Brazilian families are. That’s because there is a lot of diversity. Let’s see: “Traditional” family; Stable union; Homoaffective Family; Parallel or Simultaneous Family; Polyaffective Family, etc. There are many forms of family! Many of them we never heard of. But what is obvious is that each one of them has its specificities and does not follow a single pattern as many people tend to think. …

The Reflection of Brazilian Families

  • I’m Daniella, a high school student and I try to be an artist whenever my salary decides to create life, because the material is more expensive than buying a finished drawing.
    You know, when I think of "Family" the first thing that pops into my head would be...history. No, no one is going to go around writing books, not least because my family hates to read.
    By history, I refer to what each one carries within, the roots, and how these roots transform a whole functionality among brothers, cousins, uncles, grandchildren, grandparents and others into something unique. …

Brazilian families have many specificities, but one that is very interesting is carnival trips. First, an interesting point is the choice of location, which invariably ends up being a house with such a good offer that there is even a doubt. A super spacious house for the equivalent of a bag of juquinha candies, that could never go wrong, right? But this surprise is for a further part of the text.

Another amazing part is the people who will be going on this trip! I said it was a family trip and that means that we will have uncles, cousins…

Family at Christmas

Family to me is something or someone we can trust, who educates us, teaches us the values and rules and everything important in life that we need to know, showing the rights and duties we have to fulfill in society. We can say that the family is the basis of all things, that it deposits and offers true and unconditional love.
But especially during the commemorative dates, we get together to tell each other the news, show love for each other, and be together. I know that unfortunately this is not the reality for everyone.
In my family…

The Brazilian families

Warmth, affection, coziness, fights, intrigues, confusion and lots and lots of love. I would say that these are also some of the most common characteristics of Brazilian families.
To think of the Brazilian family is to think of Sunday lunch with the kitchen full of aunts and grandmother. The living room with uncles and grandfather watching television, and the cousins playing on the porch.
To think of the Brazilian family is to think of the family June’s Party. The June’s Party is the second largest celebration held by Brazilians. The decoration is made with banners, bonfires and fireworks. Brazilian…

It is common in the months of June and July to find many June festivals in Carioca soil. And I’ll explain why. From 1960 to 1980, there was a migratory flow of thousands of families from the Northeast to the Southeast regions, mainly Rio de Janeiro, in search of new job opportunities and better living conditions.

Wherever you go, you will find a family that has already visited the Centro de Tradições Nordestinas, an exclusive space in Rio de Janeiro with restaurants that sell typical foods from this region. The June festivals it consists of a tribute to three Catholic…

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