How are Brazilian Families for me

After a brief period of reflection, I came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to define what Brazilian families are. That’s because there is a lot of diversity. Let’s see: “Traditional” family; Stable union; Homoaffective Family; Parallel or Simultaneous Family; Polyaffective Family, etc. There are many forms of family! Many of them we never heard of. But what is obvious is that each one of them has its specificities and does not follow a single pattern as many people tend to think. Anyway… I don’t like generalizations and, in this specific discussion, I believe that it is also not possible to arrive at a short and unquestionable answer to the question “what are Brazilian families like?”.

However, I can try to specify here some very silly things that we could say are present in all Brazilian families. Or almost all of them, at least. Let me think… Eating rice and beans every day? Well, I could say that it’s something very Brazilian if I didn’t know some friends who, as crazy as it may seem, have a very different family menu. I even thought of other characteristics apparently unanimously present in Brazilian families, but I was in doubt if they are exclusively Brazilian or if they came from our colonizers. Anyway, all I know is that I do not know anything.

Developed by Lucas Fachetti, student of Electrical Engineering at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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