The Brazilian Odyssey: A Lovely Carnival Misadventure

Brazilian families have many specificities, but one that is very interesting is carnival trips. First, an interesting point is the choice of location, which invariably ends up being a house with such a good offer that there is even a doubt. A super spacious house for the equivalent of a bag of juquinha candies, that could never go wrong, right? But this surprise is for a further part of the text.

Another amazing part is the people who will be going on this trip! I said it was a family trip and that means that we will have uncles, cousins, grandparents and people who are not of the family, the concept of family for Brazilians is very broad. All these people inside a rented van in a super traffic jam in rio-lagos. When it’s not a van, there are several cars, one of them a fiat uno 97, all crammed with people.

Remember the incredible house with an irrefutable price? This is a moment that Brazilians learn to deal with frustrations and to be resilient, as the incredible house actually has only two bedrooms with bunk beds, some mattresses that would kill any sanitary inspector in the heart, a kitchen with a stove that doesn’t work. and a bathroom that makes a chemical toilet look like the cleanest place in the world. But the freezer works, you can preserve the beer, which in the end is what matters.

I know this text has a plaintive tone, as I’m a bit cranky, but despite the hassles, these trips generate the most hilarious stories families can have. No, not just laughs, this trip creates indelible memories

Developed by Gabriel Lima Vieira, a engineering student from UFRJ.